At Autoscan Technology, we believe in providing customer-specific support programs to suit their needs. Our Consultants provide both standard hotline and on-site technical support. In view of the complexity of our customers' business, our Sales Managers will work closely with our customers to plan specific support hours so that they can in turn be more responsive to their customers.
Delivering a Portfolio of Application Software and Services
From basic problem fixes to proactive application development, we can tap into our comprehensive range of support services to deliver what your business needs.
Simplifying Support of Data Collection Devices
We offer an integrated approach that provides you with a single point of contact and accountability across your complex environment. Regardless of your choice of brands, our support infrastructure will be seamless.
Onsite Support
We provide end-to-end, proactive support including on site 24×7 support to suit your operation hours and service level agreements to your customers.