Enable Business Growth and Productivity Goals

“ATLAS-WMS (Advanced Transportation Logistics Application Service) streamlines, automates and integrates your most important warehouse processes from purchasing and receiving, to order management and fulfillment.

By using ALTAS-WMS as a common repository for maintaining product, warehouse and location information you can significantly reduce costly errors arising from disjointed systems and manual administration. Instead of entering and filing multiple copies of paperwork, ATLAS-WMS generates bills automatically and stores the records for you so that your company can avoid stock-outs, overstock and shrinkage with a simple push of a button.

With a push of button you can gain visibility to accurate, up-to-date inventory status by pulling data on what was ordered, shipped or consumed.”

Key Benefits
Intelligent work direction (RF directed)                Accurate real-time inventory                          Management & Operations Reporting                     
Reduces labour costs                                            Facilitates better decision making               Measures perfomance levels objectively
Increases productivity                                             Reduces safety stock                                     Helps to ensure employee accountability 
Improves space utilization                                     Reduces shrinkage and spoilage               Allows material flow to be easily traced
Achieves near-perfect accuracy