Achieve Transportation Efficiency with Robust Planning and Execution Capabilities
ATLASTM Transport Management System (TMS) is an intelligent transport management system built with advance planning and scheduling capabilities that enable transportation and distribution companies to plan, track and manage delivery operations efficiently.
ATLASTM TMS provides an array of tools to allow logistics and transport planners to organize receipt, tracking and execution of customer's transportation orders while taking into consideration real-life operational constraints (e.g. resource availability) and customers' requirements.
Using an intelligent algorithm, ATLASTM TMS recommends the most efficient transportation option and provide key performance data, including throughput, delivery timeliness, and vehicle/ driver performance to support informed decision making in the long run.
To cater to the growing operational requirements of transportation and logistics companies today, ATLASTM TMS also offers flexible upgrading options, including auto-scheduling for large delivery volumes, sub-contracting job management, driver incentive programme, and advanced integration with customers' or external sales systems.
Key Benefits
  • Improves Billing and Customer Satisfaction
  • Generates Timely and Accurate Reports
  • Tracks and Improves Key Performance Data
  • Optimizes Fleet Resources and Utilization
  • Improves Scheduling and Routing
  • Automatic Driver Incentive Calculator