Improve Container Assets Visibility and Achieve Measurable Operational Efficiency
ATLASTM Container Yard Management System (CMS) is a cutting-edge management system designed to help port and container operators achieve better container assets visibility, accuracy and measurable operating efficiency.
ATLASTM CMS supports integration with RFID, wireless and telematics technologies to track and identify containers, and support daily operations, including real-time job dispatches to haulers – all with the aim of improving overall container yard productivity goals and transactional volume growth.
With its unique application design, ATLASTM CMS supports popular database platforms, including Oracle® and Microsoft® SQL to suit the operational volume and budget constraints of various business owners.
ATLASTM CMS also features a configurable electronic data interchange (EDI) messaging format to facilitate data exchanges between third party systems, as well as reduce costly data errors arising from disintegrated systems and manual entries.
Built with the needs of managers and supervisors in mind, ATLASTM CMS also provides rich standard and user configurable reports and graphical dashboard tools to support informed decision making.
For large enterprises, ATLASTM CMS can now be easily deployed across different container yards and offices spread across different geographic territories.
Key Benefits
  • Improves Overall Planning Efficiency
  • Enhances Utilization of Yard Space
  • Maximizes Container Terminal Productivity
  • Offers Real-time Location and Status of Containers
  • Improves Decision-making with Access to Mission-critical Information