Autoscan Technology has been awarded with a contract to implement its ATLASTM Warehouse and Asset Tracking Solution for one of the Integrated Resorts (IRs) in Singapore.
The evaluation process took about 2 months before the IR concluded that the ATLASTM solution offered the best combination of technology and application flexibility. This is important because as a new establishment, flexibility is key – business processes may change over time as the business evolves.
With assets valuing millions of dollars, choosing the right solution with minimal human intervention is critical in ensuring that there is no pilferage and asset inventory value is constantly accurate.
Another key requirement during the evaluation phase was the ability to efficiently integrate with key systems including Point of Sales (POS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Autoscan Technology has been awarded with a contract by the National Library Board (NLB) to develop, test and implement a web-based Materials Tracking and Management System over a 12-month period.
The Materials Tracking and Management System is designed to allow NLB to wirelessly monitor and receive library books from its suppliers. More specifically, it provides NLB with real-time visibility of the books before they are delivered to the various public libraries across Singapore.

Autoscan Technology is pleased to announce that The Sea-Shore Group, a leading integrated logistics provider, will be implementing the web-based ATLASTM Container Yard Management Solution for its container depot operations in Singapore.
The solution, which is integrated with on-board mobile data terminals, will enable container forklift drivers to receive instructions and update central office when jobs are completed.

Autoscan Technology has been awarded a contract to implement a mobile Test Package Control System for JGC Construction International, a subsidiary of JGC Corporation in Japan, to ensure timely and accurate defect incident reporting, tracking and closure.
The project involves rolling out handheld devices, equipped with the Test Package Control System software, and aims to complete the rollout by the end of July 2010.
The system, which will replace the manual-based process of data entry and picture uploads currently used by supervisors during scheduled quality tests, will offer the construction company higher data quality, and in the process, improve its workforce efficiency.

Autoscan Technology has secured a contract from Freight Links E-Logistics Technopark to implement a warehouse management system for its warehouse and logistics operations over a two-month period. Freight Links E-Logistics Technopark is the subsidiary of Freight Links Group, an international and integrated logistics service provider in Singapore.
Under this contract, Autoscan Technology will implement its ATLASTM Warehouse Management System (WMS) to enable Freight Links E-Logistics Technopark to automate its warehouse operations in order to achieve greater inventory visibility, accuracy and measurable operational efficiency for its customers, as part of the third party logistics services it offers.
With ATLASTM WMS, Freight Links E-Logistics Technopark can now provide an effective total logistics solution to its growing base of local and foreign customers.

Autoscan Technology has been awarded a contract by Hai Leck Engineering, an integrated service provider for the oil and gas and petrochemical industries that provides scaffolding, corrosion prevention and refractory services. Hai Leck Engineering is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SGX Mainboard-listed Hai Leck Holdings.
Under this contract, Autoscan Technology will deliver a Refinery Work Order Inspection System and Personal Protection Equipment Tracking System over a period of seven months. Autoscan Technology was selected by Hai Leck Engineering based on its strength in delivering innovative radio frequency identification (RFID) and automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) solutions.
The Refinery Work Order Inspection System will help Hai Leck Engineering to define its business process to enable the optimization of resources and streamline its processes based on the operating environment that it is in. The Personal Protection Equipment Tracking System, on the other hand, will enable Hai Leck Engineering’s managerial and supervisory staff to tag, identify and better manage the company’s assets, both incoming or outgoing, on a real-time basis.
The project involves the development of an application for mobile and desktop, and real-time integration with the backend systems. This will also include ensuring wireless network connectivity and integration with intrinsically safe ruggedized handhelds and RFID and AIDC technologies, which include passive RFID and 1D barcode.
With the new systems in place, Hai Leck Engineering is expected to achieve significant improvements in employee productivity, business operating efficiency, and inventory accuracy, as well as ensure adherence to government’s safety rules and regulations.
The project, which kick-started in February, is expected to complete in September 2011.